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Flower containers or plant containers

Are a very important part or gardening and can be an affordable way of creating a beautiful flower display.

Flowers are Nature’s gift to us, and they have a wonderful ability to brighten up our lives and make the world a prettier place to be in. The same is very much true of our homes, and the extent that people will go to, to embellish their surroundings, both inside the house and out, can be quite extraordinary. Humble flower containers are a great help, and the new innovative designs that are around today are absolutely excellent.

Babyllon flower containers are one of the top garden products that are available on the market today, and some great publicity has brought them right out into the public eye. It all first started when a local radio presenter, (local to Northampton anyway), one Dave Watkins, reviewed the new product launch of the Babyllon Bowl. It caught the attention of several other garden specialists who worked in television and in the magazine networks, and this added more fuel to the fire, spreading the news of the Babyllon Bowl far and wide. But what, you may ask, is so special about containers for flowers and how is one any better than the next? Well read on and you will find out.

One of the great things about the Babyllon Bowl is its elegant design. Once flower containers are loaded with flowers, their design is somewhat hidden by the blooms themselves. After all, it is the flowers that are on display and not the flower containers. Although the bowls themselves are the picture of elegance and style when they are on display in the catalogues and on the website, it is of course their invisibility once loaded that makes them so perfect. Their plant containers are designed to show the blooms off to the very best advantage.

What makes the Babyllon Bowl a great flower container

Naturally, the key with any first class product is to generate a universal appeal, and Babyllon flower containers are no exception to this rule. As well as their aesthetic appeal, the widening of the product range in terms of size and method of mounting, be it a floor standing  variant , a hanging variant, or a wall mounted  variant, means that there are options suitable for every display opportunity.

The other important consideration is price, and the Babyllon range of plant containers are offered at a price that is gentle on the pocket, making them easily affordable to all. But the thing that really appeals to most gardeners is the Babyllon Bowl’s user friendliness. The innovative design makes them very easy to assemble, and simple to plant out. Using a clever combination of compost, the plants themselves and good quality moss, the bowls can be fully populated with flowers. The moss is capable of storing up to twenty times its own weight in water, meaning that there is always plenty of water stored within the loaded bowl.

The way that the plants are loaded makes it wholly possible to use plants that are already in bloom without causing any harm to the flowers or the plants themselves. Another great feature of Babyllon flower containers is their construction. They are made from Steel which is then plastic coated to prevent corrosion. With such great design, durability, and affordability too, it is small wonder the Babyllon Bowl is the flower container of first choice for many.

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