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Gardening is one of the top hobbies in the UK, and within our gardening community you might be surprised to learn that the average gardener spends over £20,000 in his or her lifetime on their gardens, £5,000 alone of which is spent specifically on gardening tools and garden furniture. The trend towards growing your own vegetables continues to rise as prices soar and the want for more organic food takes hold. But growing decorative flowers and shrubs still remains the main reason that most gardeners practice their hobby, to embellish their homes and their surroundings. To a keen gardener, quality gardening tools are a must. It’s not the fact that they help to get the job done quicker, it’s more the fact that they help to get the job done properly.

Gardening Tools and Gardening Equipment from Babyllon Garden Products

One of the most import tools for any gardener is a good pair of secateurs. Secateurs are gardening tools that are used for pruning plants, the word “secateurs” coming from the French verb “secare” which means to cut. In essence they are gardening scissors albeit more heavy duty. Even occasional gardeners who love to cultivate roses, (an old English passion), will have a pair of secateurs handy to help keep their plants in pristine condition, and to cut them back ready for next year’s growth.

One of the best brands of secateurs is Novatec. You can find them on Babyllon’s website where you can order online, and get them delivered straight to your door. Novatec Gold are compact secateurs, being gardening tools that have been specially designed with smaller hands in mind. The blades are very sturdy and are capable of cutting branches of up to 15mm in diameter, ideal for cutting roses. The compact size of these secateurs means that you can get them into overgrown, busy areas where you can manipulate them with ease. They are ideal gardening tools for women or men with smaller hands.

The other Novatec secateurs you will see on the website are the Rolls Royce of pruning gardening tools. They have a unique new cutting system that involves an extended blade length and incorporates a roller ball. This combined action means that you can cut thicker branches or small branches but with 40% less effort that if you were to use any other type of pruning scissor. The design of these special gardening tools also features Teflon coated SK5 steel blades, which are not only rust resistant and long lasting, but the Teflon enables them to slide across the branches more easily, especially the new young green growth. With aluminium handles for lightness, these secateurs can be used comfortably by both left and right handed gardeners.

Whilst not exactly what you might consider gardening tools, boot scrapers are another invaluable asset that you can find on Babyllon’s website. Any keen gardener will know all too well just how much mud can clump and stick to the soles of your wellingtons. A good boot scraper is a must when it comes to removing the mud clinging to your footwear after you have finished your bout of gardening. It negates having to chisel off the dried mud next time you come to use your wellingtons.

Good gardening tools are designed to make your life easier, so make sure you choose the best. They will last longer and prove a sound investment.



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