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    Big Moss 98 % Pure Sphagnum Moss.




    Big Moss sphagnum moss is top quality sphagnum moss ideal for hanging baskets / containes etc..

    Big Moss sphagnum moss is ideally suited for proparagation of orchids.

    Big moss shagnum moss can hold up to 20 times own weight in water.

    Big Moss Sphagnum moss can be used for topiary and is ideal for nesting,bedding,reptiles and amphibious animals.

    Product code: TEX001

    Delivery: Standard 1-2 days

product reviews (1)

Date29 Mar 2011, Tuesday

Reviewed ByHazel Stock

I love this product, it goes such a long was even though I use it generously. It is nice & clean to use & I usually buy 3 make up 2 fully, then just break off what I need of the 3rd to finish off. I also use the moss tucked around my plants in the conservatory, it helps to keep the humidity up with a quick spray on a warm day.
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