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The Urban Allotment £5.99

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    Available in modern yellow and blue colours this innovative window box is designed deep enough to grow your fruit , vegetables and flowers and measures 410 x 160 x 220 mm.


    Made from sheets of recyclable polypropylene plastic that is made for use outdoors. It comes flat , follow simple instructions to make your very own window box. The innovative bracket is designed to slot into holes in the back of the box attaching it securely. Now simply hang the bracket ( two screws required ) wherever you want.

    Great for all gardens including where space is at a premium. Fun for children who can get the achievement of making their own container to grow whatever they like in it. It is a great way of introducing children to gardening.No need for expensive brackets or steel planters it has to be the greenest and cheapest way to grow whatever you like away from the hazards of pets, slugs, etc, etc or to grow your herbs outside your kitchen window ready fpr picking.

    Ideal for tumbling tomatoes, strawberrys, carrots, parsley, mint , busy lizzies and much more.


    Product code: urball02


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