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Wet-n-Grow Soil Wetting Agent £16.00

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    Wet N Gro 500ml Bottle.

    Wetting agent.



    500 ml of Wet-N-Gro wetting agent designed to give Optimum Plant Growth, Wet-N-Gro gives optimum water usage, dry baskets a thing of the past.

                             SCIENTIFICALLY TESTED!

    Simply mix 5ml of Wet-N-Gro with one gallon of water, the concentrated 500ml bottle of Wet-N-Grow yields 100 gallons of wetting agent, thats value for money.

    Wet -N-Gro works like magic,watch the video. 


    Product code: TEX003

    Delivery: Standard 3-5 days

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Date12 May 2017, Friday

Reviewed ByJOYCE Churchill

Works really well,have just bought another

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